Democrats Need Joe Morrissey On Their Team

Truncated article from McAuliffe and Saslaw, at Richmond home of Joe Morrissey, say Democrats need him on their team

In the possibility of a 20-20 tie, Democrats could still get their agenda through the chamber next year because the Democratic lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, would break most tie votes. But if Morrissey, who calls out Democrats with whom he disagrees, were to defect, he could stop the Democratic agenda on any issue he chose.

“Joe is a hard worker and the people in the Senate district, they’re definitely going to get their money’s worth,” Saslaw said. “We are looking forward to having him in our caucus. Joe is extremely bright.”

The fundraiser was emceed by radio host John Fredericks, who was the 2016 chairman of the Trump presidential campaign in Virginia but is a Morrissey ally and McAuliffe booster. Morrissey’s “Fighting Joe Morrissey Show” airs in the Richmond area on WJFN (100.5 FM), which also broadcasts Fredericks’ show.

The relationship between Democratic leaders and Morrissey is one of necessity, Fredericks said in an interview.

“If it’s 20-20, the next day Joe Morrissey becomes the most powerful man in Virginia,” Fredericks said.

At the fundraiser, Fredericks told the group that Republicans have “zero chance” of holding control of the Senate on Nov. 5 and said Morrissey has the ability to bring both parties together.

Several Richmond City Council candidates showed up Wednesday, along with a contingent of lobbyists who regularly attend such events for state lawmakers.

Morrissey also has a residence in the 16th Senate District, where he slept during the primary campaign after tucking in his children at the family home outside the district. The district covers parts of Chesterfield, Prince George and Dinwiddie counties; parts of Richmond and Petersburg; and all of Hopewell.

Dance outspent Morrissey in the primary, and he later said he won via personal contacts with voters and signed letters to many of them.

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